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Course Directory


MGMT3274: International Business Processes and Problems (Fall)

MGMT3275: International Management (Fall)

MBAD6197: Managing Multinational Enterprise (Spring)


My Teaching Philosophy:

Three-Way Transformational Learning


I have invented a new teaching approach of what I call “three-way transformational learning”. As its name suggests, through three-way interactions, this approach seeks to transform the thinking and practice of three parties of participants, including the professor (myself), the students, and the industry collaborators, so that we all learn from and influence each other by contributing our unique expertise, information, and resources to the common knowledge ecosystem. I serve not only as a professor in the sense of lecturing and mentoring but also as a knowledge manager who maintains, sustains and grows knowledge resources (e.g., evidence/theory-based materials, past cases, experiences, and contacts) in the three-way ecosystem.



Case teaching



Main materials


Case materials

Industry projects

Relevant research
Mini case simulations

Live case projects in collaboration with the industry at the professor-management level, rather than the institutional level.

Main teaching modes

Standardized lectures

Analytical training

Decision process simulation in specific historical contexts

Direct observations

First-handed information collection

Specific role plays

Synergy creation through analytics, short case simulations, and real decision support projects

Learning objectives

Rigorous analytical skills

Decision judgment skills

Learning by doing

Integrative skills of all three

Professor's role



Almost none


Knowledge eco-system builder

Immediate beneficiaries by learning new things every time

Industry's role

Guest speakers

Case subjects of the past


Timely and inside information providers

Consulting clients

Participants in decision making

Immediate beneficiaries by taking away rigorous and creative solutions

Students' role

Passive learners


Interactive participants

Simulated decision makers


Direct observers


Interactive participants

Real decision supporters

Immediate beneficiaries by putting knowledge into practice and by working with professor/industry to bridge knowledge-practice gap


Getting a rigorous general picture

Relatively low requirement on teaching experience

Getting the specific processes

Putting knowledge into specific contexts

Relatively low requirement on teaching experience

Getting the timely truth

Non-location bound if travel is supported

Getting the synergy

Clear and direct observation of authentic details throughout the process of real decision making

Three way knowledge flows among professor, industry, and students

Formulating a sustained knowledge-practice eco-system


Hard to customize to specific problems/contexts

Hard to keep timely connection and relevance to practice

Too much detail, too little big picture thinking

Bounded to backfilling bias, not always authentic in every detail

Hard to generalize

Not always strong links to real-time and future situations

Too much “on the road” and non-academic work, which could be replaced by career training in the industry

Hard to keep sustained feedback loops with academics since the latter are not simultaneously participating

Very high requirement on the integrative skills of the professor

No ready training programs that produce enough capable professors

Location/school reputation is important to attract active/direct industry participation into the classroom


Selected 3WAY learning projects


2015          Wells Fargo International Strategic Initiative (Guest speakers: Rajnish Bharadwaj, EVP/Head of Cross-border governance; Satoshi Watanabe, SVP/Head of International strategic initiatives; Philip Stafford, Country Risk Analytics Director) [Photos of moments]

Topic: Global opportunities and risks, and strategy for the investment banking business


2014          3D Systems Inc. (Guest speaker: Rajeev Kulkarni, Chief Product Officer) [Photos of moments]

Topic: Performance assessment of global mergers and acquisitions

“Our collaboration was both engaging and informative. We gathered several key insights and it was a pleasure to interact with such a motivated and talented group of students. We look forward to future collaborations with Professor Chen and his class.”Rajeev.


2014          Charlotte Regional Partnership (Guest speaker: Ronnie Bryant, President/CEO)

Topic: International business visit itinerary for European family business investors


2014          Charlotte Chamber of Commerce (Guest speakers: Eileen Cai, VP of Asian sector economic growth; Sven Gerzer, VP of European sector economic growth)

Topic: Cluster advantages analysis of Charlotte as a global business hub


2014-15     Wells Fargo Country Risk Analytics (Guest speaker: Philip Stafford, Country Risk Analytics Director) [Photos of moments]

Topic: Country risks in Argentina and strategic responses

I enjoyed my experience with Victor’s students last year, and the “real world” challenge was a unique experience for me and a lot of fun.  When I gave my presentation, I posed a risk management problem to the students, then who then put a lot of time and expertise of their own into solving it, and I went back several weeks later to hear their presentations.  Many of them are already working and some are already our colleagues here in the bank or future colleagues (in late December I coincidentally ran into one of them in the Overstreet and learned that she now works for Wells, one floor below me).” —Philip.


2013          General Microcircuits Inc. (Guest speaker: David Dalton, CEO/President)

Topic: Organizational structure of new operations in Costa Rica


Other guest speakers (without a 3Way learning project)


Rina Arline (Managing Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch)

Rishi Bhatnagar (Founding President, Analytics & Big Data Society)

Lourdes Casanova (Senior Lecture & Executive Director, Emerging Markets Institute, Cornell University)

John Paul Galles (CEO, Charlotte Biz)

Damon Gregoire (CFO/EVP, 3D Systems)

Martyn Johnson (European Investment Director, North Carolina Department of Commerce)

Aditya Khurjekar (CEO & Founder, MEDICI)

David Linford (General Manager, GOM Americas)

Timothy Newlin (Executive Director, Multinational Corporations, JP Morgan)

Rohan Paul (Client Relationship Executive, Deloitte; former Managing Director, Wells Fargo & JP Morgan)

Chase Saunders (Senior Partner, SaundersLaw; former Superior Court Judge)

Wes Seeger (Director, Foreign Exchange, GPS Capital Markets)

Monica Trautwein (Senior Relationship Manager, Global Banking, Wells Fargo)

Daniel Ward (Associate Partner, Sia Partners; former SVP, Bank of America)


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