BDBA8210 Current Topics Research Seminar


Designing a Convergence Research in Business:

Knowledge Synthesis for Impactful Innovations


Instructor: Dr. Victor Zitian Chen (Website:; Email:

Time: 8AM-5PM, September 13th, 2020



This seminar is designed for DBA students to learn how to design a convergence research concerning enterprise-level performance. A convergence research is defined as knowledge synthesis of fragmented sources of theoretical perspectives, evidence, and literatures into a comprehensive explanatory and/or predictive framework. It is typically centered around predefined performance outcomes and then used for conceptual, empirical, as well as translational innovations ready for prescribing managerial interventions.


Upon the completion of this seminar, students should be able to:



The seminar combines three topical lectures/roundtable discussions, three group practices, and a take-home assignment. In each section of lecture/roundtable discussion, two to three students are assigned roles as leading discussants on a certain paper, who will be responsible for leading a roundtable discussion on the implications for conducting rigorous business research with a broad impact.


08:00AM to 09:30AM             Lecture and roundtable discussion #1:

                                                Convergence research in business

09:30AM to 09:45AM             Break

09:45AM to 10:45AM             Group practice #1: Defining a research question

10:45AM to 12:00PM             Lecture and roundtable discussion #2:

                                                Enterprise performance and stakeholder values

12:00PM to 13:00PM             Lunch break

13:00PM to 14:00PM             Group practice #2: Defining and measuring performance

14:00PM to 14:15PM             Break

14:15PM to 14:45PM             A guest talk by a senior executive on knowledge demand

                                                in enterprise/business performance management (TBC)

14:45PM to 15:45PM              Lecture and roundtable discussion #3:

                                                Developing a research proposal

15:45PM to 16:00PM             Break

16:00PM to 17:00PM             Group practice #3: Research proposal development



Please download all the 9 required readings from Canvas or the link below, and read them before the class:


Required readings for Lecture and roundtable #1:

Leading discussants for this work: Lashana, Joseph, Tanisha


Leading discussants for this work: Octavia, Lindamarie


Leading discussants for this work: Chad, Derrick


Required readings for Lecture and roundtable #2:

Leading discussants for this work: Crai, Kevin, Kim


Leading discussants for the above two works: Mark, Mikayla


Required readings for Lecture and roundtable #3:

Leading discussants for this work: Oscar, Xiaowen


Leading discussants for this work: Robert, James


Leading discussants for this work: Michael H., Michael K.


Optional readings online:



See Assignment instructions