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Editor & Global Coordinator

      Emerging Market Global Players, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, Columbia University


Co-Founder & Former Associate Editor

      Transnational Corporations Review


Ad-Hoc Reviewer

      Journal of International Business Studies

      Organization Science

      Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

      Journal of World Business

      International Business Review

      Management International Review

      Multinational Business Review

      Asia Pacific Journal of Management

      Journal of Business Research

      Corporate Governance: An International Review

      Columbia FDI Perspectives

      Canadian Public Policy























































English Bay, Vancouver, Canada




“The economic problem of a society is mainly one of rapid adaptation in the particular circumstances of time and space.”

--Friedrich A. Hayek (1945: 524)


Figure 1. My “Space-Time-Adaptation” philosophy for knowledge expansion

Arrows suggest three dimensions of knowledge expansion from ignorance.

Outer elements suggest knowledge infrastructures through which knowledge should be created and integrated.


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My research covers four interrelated areas:

1) diversity and dynamics of economic, social, and political institutions worldwide;

2) business strategy from a top management perspective that adapts to such diversity and dynamics;

3) emerging markets, which offer large variations in institutional diversity and dynamics to study business strategy;

4) (re)designing knowledge infrastructures to improve quality of knowledge creation, management, and dissemination: e.g., business schools, journals, others.






Working project 1. Socializing shareholders in agency theory, with Ruth Aguilera (Northeastern U)




Working project 2. Complexity and evolution of globalization, with John Cantwell (Rutgers BS)



Working project 3: Lost in synthesis: 50 years after Herbert Simon (1967), with Michael A. Hitt (Texas A&M)


Knowledge Inflows in ASQ, AMJ, AMR, OS, SMJ, JIBS, JOM, JOPM, and MISQ

by Discipline, Volume 1990 vs. Volume 2014

Notes: Inner circle is for year Volume 1990; External circle is for year Volume 2014.



Global Coordinator: Emerging Markets Global Players, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, Columbia University


BRIC and other emerging and transition economies in global OFDI, 1970-2013



Selected publications:


Chen VZ, Sun SL. 2017. Barbarians at the gate of the middle kingdom: The international mobility of financing contract and governance, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Forthcoming. Image result for PDF logo




Chen VZ, Li J, Shapiro DM, Zhang XX. 2014. Ownership structure and innovation performance: An emerging market perspective, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 1-24. (2014 Best paper award) Image result for PDF logo


Li J, Newenham-Kahindi A, Shapiro DM, Chen VZ. 2013. The two-tier bargaining model revisited: Theory and evidence from China’s natural resource investments in Africa. Global Strategy Journal, 3, 300-321. Image result for PDF logo


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